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Product name :  Conduit Connector
Material : Polyamide(PA)
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Conduit Connector

Conduit Connector

Products Technical Date:

1. Material: Polyamide(pa)

2. Working Temperature: -20℃~ +110℃

3. Threads: PG and Metric.

4. Packaging: PE film bags, with carton. Packing quantity based on the specification

5. Sizes:

Conduit Outer Diameter PG Metric
Types Thread Types Thread
10mm Flex-10K PG7 Flex-10KM M10*1.5
13mm Flex-13K PG9 Flex-13KM M12*1.5
15.8mm Flex-15K PG11 Flex-15KM M16*1.5
18.5mm Flex-18K PG13.5 Flex-18KM M20*1.5
21.2mm Flex-21K PG16 Flex-21KM M20*1.5
25mm Flex-25K PG21 Flex-25KM M25*1.5
28.5mm Flex-28K PG21 Flex-28KM M25*1.5
34.5mm Flex-34K PG29 Flex-34KM M32*1.5
42.5mm Flex-42K PG36 Flex-42KM M40*1.5
54.5mm Flex-54K PG48 Flex-54KM M50*1.5



MOQ: 10pcs.

Payments: T/T, Western Union, Paypal are available. Others are negotiated.

Customizable Service: Conduit Connector customizable is workable for us. Such as sizes, logo, packing quantity, packages etc.

If you have any questions about Conduit Connector, welcome to send us emails for assistance.


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