A short history of flexible plastic conduit

Flexible Plastic Conduit History


flexible plastic conduit


It’s about 30 years since flexible plastic conduit begun to be used in our daily life. More and more factories can produce flexible plastic conduit, but I think a huge of business opportunities are still exist in the market.


In the beginning, pvc flexible conduit are used to protect wire and cables. But pvc is less eco-friendly, some other materials are better than pvc, like pe, pp, pa. Today, pe and pa with rohs are widely used in our daily life.


In the past, the mold is hard to built. So we always used the small size, such as 18mm, 25mm, 30mm etc. And now we can produce the size 1200mm(out diameter). But it is not used to protect wire and cables, to drain off water.


From the past 30 years developments of flexible plastic conduit, I think there will be more and more eco-friendly materials are used in plastic flexible conduit in the future, and the size will be bigger and bigger.



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