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Product name :  Nylon Air Hose
Material : PA6/PA66/PA12
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Nylon Air Hose


black nylon air hose show
black nylon air hose show

■ Product introduction:

1. Material: nylon(PA6/PA66/PA11/PA12)

2. Market Location: high-grade products.

3. Working Temperature: -30℃~+120℃.

4. General Colors: orange, blue, black, transparent.

5. Strength: stable, resist abrassion, tearing and impact.

6. Usage: nylon air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, pneumatic automation machinery, air compressors, truck, and decoration industry etc.


■ Product Size:

different nylon air hose show

Nylon Air Hose
Types ID*OD Working Pressure Burst Pressure(20℃) Bending Radius
Flex-PA-0302 2*3mm 2.0MPa 7.5MPa 18mm
Flex-PA-0402 2*4mm 2.0MPa 8.6MPa 28mm
Flex-PA-0425 2.5*4mm 2.0MPa 8.0MPa 20mm
Flex-PA-0503 3*5mm 2.0MPa 7.8MPa 33mm
Flex-PA-0604 4*6mm 2.0MPa 8.6MPa 36mm
Flex-PA-0806 6*8mm 2.0MPa 7.3MPa 48mm
Flex-PA-1008 8*10mm 2.0MPa 6.0MPa 60mm
Flex-PA-1075 7.5*10mm 2.0MPa 8.0MPa 57mm
Flex-PA-1209 9*12mm 2.0MPa 6.8MPa 65mm
Flex-PA-1410 10*14mm 2.0MPa 6.3MPa 76mm
Flex-PA-1612 12*16mm 2.0MPa 6.0MPa 125mm
Flex-PA-1/4″ 4.85*6.35mm 2.0MPa 6.6MPa 40mm
Flex-PA-5/16″ 6.04*7.94mm 2.0MPa 6.0MPa 50mm
Flex-PA-1/2″ 9.5*12.7mm 2.0MPa 6.0MPa 70mm
Flex-PA-5/8″ 11.87*15.87mm 2.0MPa 6.2MPa 125mm


■ Payment Detail:

MOQ: 100m

Payments: T/T, Western Union, Paypal are available.

General Payment: 30% deposit paid in advance, T/T balance before delivery.

Customizable Service: nylon air hose customizable service is workable for us. Such as color, size, logo, packing quantity, packages etc.

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