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Product name :  Cable Gland Enlarger
Material : Polyamide(Nylon)
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Plastic Cable Gland Enlarger


Plastic Cable Gland Enlarger 01

■ Product introduction:

1. Material: pa66(ul approved)

2. Working Temperature: -40°C~+120°C

3. Thread: PG thread, metric thread

4. Color: black and grey

5. Function: plastic cable gland enlarger is widely used in wire and cable managements, to adjust gland thread.


■ Product Size:

Plastic Cable Gland Enlarger 02

Part No.
Outer Thread
Internal Thread
Thread Length
Total Length
Spanner Size
M12*1.5 M16*1.5 8mm 22mm 20mm
FLEX-PCGE-M16/M20 M16*1.5 M20*1.5 8mm 23mm 24mm
FLEX-PCGE-M20/M25 M20*1.5 M25*1.5 9mm 27mm 30mm
FLEX-PCGE-M25/M32 M25*1.5 M32*1.5 11mm 30mm 36mm
FLEX-PCGE-M32/M40 M32*1.5 M40*1.5 11mm 34mm 45mm
FLEX-PCGE-M40/M50 M40*1.5 M50*1.5 13mm 37mm 55mm
FLEX-PCGE-M50/M63 M50*1.5 M63*1.5 14mm 41mm 68mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG7/PG9 PG7 PG9 8mm 20mm 19mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG9/PG11 PG9 PG11 8mm 23mm 19mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG11/PG13.5 PG11 PG13.5 8mm 23mm 24mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG11/PG16 PG11 PG16 8mm 23mm 27mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG13.5/PG16 PG13.5 PG16 9mm 26mm 27mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG16/PG21 PG16 PG21 10mm 29mm 33mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG21/PG29 PG21 PG29 11mm 32mm 42mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG29/PG36 PG29 PG36 11mm 35mm 52mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG36/PG42 PG36 PG42 13mm 41mm 60mm
FLEX-PCGE-PG42/PG48 PG42 PG48 15mm 46mm 65mm


■ Payment Detail:

MOQ: 100pcs

Payment Method: T/T, Western Union, Paypal are available.

Payment Terms: 30% deposit, balance payment before delivery.

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