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Extend service life of plastic flexible conduit

As we know, we usually use plastic flexible conduit to protect wire and cables. Especially, we use split loom tubing to protect wiring harness. It is a high quality and inexpensive product. Due to it is light and easy to install, most people use it everywhere and ingore their properties. So plastic flexible conduit is becoming a easy damaged conduit. Some conduit are broken in several days. As our experience, we will share you some ways to extend the service of plastic flexible conduit.


1. Chose the appropriate plastic flexible conduit
When you are going to use plastic flexible conduit indoors, please choose Rohs conduit. We choose polypropylene conduit in most time. If you are going to use plastic flexible conduit in a long time, please choose nylon/polyamide flexible conduit. It is the most durable conduit. If you are going to use conduit outerside, thicker PVC and polyethylene conduit will be better. I’m sure the it will short the service life of plastic flexible conduit if you choose the wrong conduit.


2. Do not put too many cables in the conduit
Plastic flexible conduit structure is bellows. The middle of conduit is empty. It means that they can’t support heavy weight cables. We recommend the cables total volume less than 30% of the conduit inner volume. It is able to extend the service life of the plastic flexible conduit in most situation.


3. Sometimes split loom tubing is more convenient
If you use tubing more,or you are going to put many different color cables in the conduit and adjust them in the near future. We recommend you to use split loom tubing. It is easy to check, open and fix the tubing. Plastic flexible conduit without split are easily to broken if you adjust cables frequently.


4. Fix plastic flexible conduit in most situation.
No matter when you fix and adjust plastic flexible conduit, please use cable ties, or clamps to fix them. Furthermore, use plastic conduit ends to stop water and insert in the conduit.


5. Long distance wire and cable protection conduit choose.

Do not use plastic flexible conduit in a long distance cable protection. Because it can’t support the long distance cable weight. We recommend use PVC liquid tight conduit or metal liguid tight conduit instead of it. It will be better.


If you have any ideas or questions of using plastic flexible conduit, please contact our sales.



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