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Five general plastic flexible conduit connectors

Plastic flexible cable conduit are widely used by more and more people, especially in machinery, wiring harness and construction. And also there are some flexible conduit connectors are used to match them. We use them to connect flexible conduit with others, to make them more convenience. Today we share five kinds of general plastic flexible conduit connectors, which are used to connector corrugated conduit. But they are only used in the plastic flexible conduit because of their materials and structure. Here are the introduction about them:


Flexible conduit quick connector

It’s used to connect the flexible conduit with others, often the other side connects are on the machine. It is easy to connect and seperate based on their structure. General material of them is nylon, the price could be a little different based on different properties nylon and mold.


Flexible conduit quick elbow connector

Elbow connector are similar to quick connector in function, and also used to connect pipe with others. But it’s structure is elbow(90°), not straight. And the pipe connectors are the same as quick connector, it’s easy to fix and seperate conduit.



Bracket is used to fix the flexible cable conduit. And also use very common in the industry, especially in construction. It could protect them in a line or difficult situation.


T shape connector

T shape connectors likes word “T”. They are three directions to connect pipes. It’s often used in the corner.


H shape connector

H shape connectors like word “H”. It’s straight and used to connect pipes. Often used to connect the short pipes.
The above are a brief introduction about five general plastic flexible conduit connectors. If you want to know more about the specification of them. Please click into our catalog.



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