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General customizable service of plastic flexible conduit

General customizable service of plastic flexible conduit


Plastic Flexible Conduit


Plastic flexible conduit is used widely in our daily life. We could see all kinds of plastic flexible conduit. We’re going to share four general customization about them, also with the cost influence. There are sizes, colors, split, fire-proof, packages(include packing quantity), certifications.


■ Sizes customization

1. Details: Generally, DIN standard plastic flexible conduit material are widely used in the market. Because the plastic flexible conduit molds are produced by Germany at first. If the size was similar to the DIN standard, engineer could reset the machine data to produce them. If the size are different from the DIN standard, open a new mold should be a good choice.

2. Cost Influence: ★★★★★


■ Colors customization

1. Details: General colors of plastic flexible conduit material are black and transparent. If you want others, the engineer can mix several colors master batch during the production. So please tell them your color chips or photos during make sure the order.

2. Cost Influence: ★★


■ Split customization

1. Details: Fix a blade in the mouth of the machine, to make the conduit split.

2. Cost Influence:


■ Packages customization

1. Details: There are two kinds of packing method, by people or by the machine. Please take the labour cost and machine cost into consideration in the packing customization.

2. Cost Influence: ★★


■ Fire-proof customization

1. Details: Polyamide, polyethylene, polypropylene are all not the fire-proof material. We have to mix the fire retardant during the production to make them fire-proof. Based on the different level of fire-proof, the fire retardant are different. So please check samples seriously before the mass production.

2. Cost Influence: ★★★


■ Certifications customization

1. Details: General certifications of plastic flexible conduit are Rohs and UL. For most factory, Rohs is easy to get, but UL is hard to keep. So if there is a company have the UL certification, and the unit price could be higher 30% compare to others.

2. Cost Influence: ★★★★


Based on the above tips, if you have any questions about plastic flexible conduit. Welcome to send us emails for assistance.



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